Valentina di Pietri (Italy)

Meeting with Valentina Di Pietri, Founder of Cashmere brand in Italy
Mod’Art : Valentina, why did you decide to continue studying and get a Master degree?
V. Di Pietri : Making the decision to study a Master degree was not easy! Indeed, after working for a few years, I was feeling psychologically and financially independent. The challenge for me was to leave Milan, learn a new language and adapt to a different culture. I was 25 and had worked for 3 years in the fashion industry in Italy but was quite disappointed by the professional opportunities I was offered after Public Relation studies. With my Master degree, I now feel better prepared to reach my goals. 
 Mod’Art : You have grown up in a well known family in the fashion world. How did your education complete your professional experience?
V. Di Pietri : Indeed, my family created the Di Pietri brand in the 50?s in Modene, well known region for its high quality knitwear. I was very lucky to grow up surrounded by the atmosphere of a fashion company, the rythm of seasons and collections, from the choice of fabrics to the negociations with retailers. Through the time I spent at Mod’Art, I designed a new concept: a cashmere brand that goes beyond the rigid scheme of classical and elegant luxury. After a deeper marketing analysis, I created a second collection which was much more feminine and with more personality. We now have our flagship store in Cortina, an excellent retailer in Hong Kong and soon, a showroom in Paris.
Mod’Art : How is this transition year going for you, between end of studies and the beginning of professional life?
V. Di Pietri : Unfortunately, the crisis affects everybody and particularly young designers. During one year, I developed my brand and also worked as a freelance consultant. I knew perfectly well that launching a new collection meant to devote a lot of time and money to it. With the current situation, the activity of my brand has slowed down so I found a job as a sales manager for the brand FREE. It allows me to travel a lot for work, which is quite fulfilling. Meanwhile, I keep on developing the activity of my brand slowly but surely. This Master degree has helped me to open my mind, feel more confident to cope with new challenges, define more precisely my aims and reach them. 

Program Attended: MBA in Luxury Goods & Fashion Industries - ModArt

Institution Attended: Mod'Art International

Year graduated:

Language spoken: Italian, French, English