Mouratoglou Tennis Academy
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    Institution Description
    The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy was founded in 1996 by Patrick Mouratoglou. In less than 15 years, it has established itself as one of the world's most effective tennis academies.
    Located 30 kilometres west from Paris, the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy provides players with an environment that favours their development.  All players live on-site in 30 individual or family chalets and eat in the on-site restaurant.

    The Academy is structured around a philosophy of unique and innovative coaching method. It offers personalized tailor-made preparation to each of its players. Using this method, which is based on the personalised and individual training for a limited number of players, MTA (Mouratoglou Tennis Academy) already brought to lights.
    Patrick Mouratoglou created his Academy in 1996 with two main goals: To win Grand Slam tournaments and to train future world champions. The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy became renowned on the international tennis scene, backed by its original philosophy: "You only pick the best to achieve excellence".

    Patrick Mouratoglou, accompanied by Bob Brett, who shared his professional-level experience with him, developed his own training method based on two strong and innovative principles: player training that is both tailored and personalised and family involvement in the Academy's project.
    The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy works with a limited number of international players so that it can be more reactive to the concerns, expectations and needs of each ones. It gives to these few privileged players, tailored trainings adapted to their characteristics and abilities, both in terms of tennis technique and physical preparation.

    Aware of the demanding requirements necessary to achieve excellence, the Academy leaves nothing to chance as it provides ultra-modern sports complex that includes:
    • Tennis facilities (17 courts with 3 out of the 4 Grand Slam surfaces)
    • 4 physical training and cardio-workout rooms
    Beyond the court, each player needs full medical monitoring which is provided by:
    • A medical area specialised in high-level domains (osteopath, physiotherapist, nutritionist, etc.).
    • An indoor and an outdoor pools
    • A Steam Room/Sauna wellness area