Academia Sánchez-Casal - ASC
Selected programs:
Spain / Barcelona
Other locations: Naples-Florida, USA,
Institution Description
Founded in 1998 by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal, the Academia Sánchez-Casal is an educational institution, with the highest standards and a proven track record in developing successful young people through all stages of their lives. Using tennis and education within the ‘Academia’ framework as the vehicle for personal development, our student athletes will continue to be good citizens of the world, long after they leave our care.

Located within the campus of the Academia Sánchez-Casal, all student-athletes have the opportunity to attend ES International School, an American accredited school which offers the American fifth through twelfth grades (ages 10-18 years old). The educational program is fully compatible with a student-athlete’s tennis training, tournament schedule and medical visits. The student population consists of student-athletes from over thirty countries who cumulatively speak over twenty languages, although, the language of instruction in all classes is English. 
Students who earn the High School Diploma are eligible to attend any American university, usually with substantial academic and/or athletic scholarships. ES International School offers a comprehensive university placement service to include SAT and TOEFL Preparation, university counseling and extensive placement services. The School works in conjunction with the Academia Sánchez-Casal and other sources to assist student-athletes in finding the best university based on the student-athlete’s interests, academic potential and athletic abilities. 
Student-athletes also have the opportunity to enroll in an English or Spanish Language Program offered by ES Internation School. The language programs are offered in conjunction with a student-athlete’s athletic training, tournament schedule and medical visits. Language classes are offered for beginning to advanced language learners.