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Institution Description
Ringed by spectacular peaks and nestled in lush pasturelands, the village offers an outstanding location for both studies and sports. We have selected it as the home for Oxford International College Switzerland because it provides a perfect location in which to study and learn. Combining vibrant traditions with modern facilities, the village offers everything we need to offer each student the right mix of academic and personal development. Above all, it offers a warm welcome to all our students, making it somewhere they can call home for the duration of their studies.

Our vision is to combine British tradition and Swiss perfection for an excellent education.
The British tradition of academic excellence dates from 1116, when the University of Oxford was founded. The oldest universities in Great Britain, Oxford and its rival Cambridge have educated many notable international figures including Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Harald V of Norway and Aung Sann Suu, opponent of the military junta in Burma and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1991.

Like Oxford University, OIC Switzerland uses the tutorial system based on small group study and individual tuition. In this more personal learning environment pupils can discuss and debate freely with their tutors, gaining confidence and articulacy as well as knowledge.

Excellence is famously the hallmark of the Swiss, with world-leading achievements in democratic process, environmental protection and civil rights all bearing witness to the Swiss determination to succeed. Switzerland has long been a country whose achievements in knowledge and learning have belied its size, with more than 15 Swiss Nobel Prize winners in Natural Sciences alone. This gives it the most Nobel Prize winners per capita in the world after Iceland and Sweden.