Royal Roads University - RRU
Canada / Victoria
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Institution Description
Royal Roads University (RRU) is a public university located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
RRU delivers applied and professional programs to advance professionals in the workplace. Graduate and undergraduate degrees are delivered online and face-to-face on campus.

Initially established as a military college, in 1995, RRU was granted a license by the Government of British Columbia to become a special purpose university.  Because of its blended delivery model, RRU has been known as the university for working professionals. 
The representative main building of the university is a historic Hatley Castle that hosted royals and celebrities.  Number of movies have been shot here, such as one from the series "X-Men"

Royal Roads University, is known of provididing high quality, innovative, competitively priced, and applied post-secondary education to working professionals and career-focused students in Canada and around the globe. An accredited university since 1995, but with a long history of excellence that goes back to 1940, when it was established as a military college. Much has changed since then, but you can still find the same commitment to providing an excellent learning experience for working professionals. We are financially self-sufficient and socially and environmentally responsible. 

The programs offered at Royal Roads University provide the learners with the tools and techniques required to be effective after graduation. Whether someone is looking for a new career or want to improve their standing, financially and professionally, within your current organization, the RRU's blended learning model of online courses and intensive, on-campus residencies lets you use what you learn, today.

Our online learning model allows students to continue working while completing a degree. The program begins with a short, on-campus residency that allows to meet the rest of the learners in a cohort, followed by distance courses that deliver the theoretical and information-based material in the program. Moodle, the platform used for online learning, facilitates the delivery of learning materials while providing students with the ability to interact and engage with fellow students and professors. 
At Royal Roads University, we understand that environmental leadership is required and we’re proud that our students, faculty, and staff support this direction. Climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our time, and we are focused on initiatives that support campus sustainability. Environmental sustainability is not only intrinsically linked to our teaching and research mandate, it’s a challenge that calls for the kind of interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving at which we excel.
Long before Hatley Castle was erected by the Dunsmuir family, the property at Royal Roads University was used by the Coast Salish people as a gathering place; a space where information, experience, and guidance was shared by everyone present. We’re proud to carry on this tradition, and we have actively sought out to build stronger relationships with our neighbouring Coast Salish communities.