Institut Fran├žais de la Mode - IFM
France / Paris
Other locations: none
Institution Description
The IFM enables postgraduate students to follow high-level professionalizing programs in both management and design. Students then take their training in both dimensions to work in companies where creativity is a major source of added value or alternatively develop their own business. The end result is the breaking down of barriers between management and design in an industry that is about products, brands, culture and design.

We maintain very close links with the industry. Businesses from the sector are very well represented in the governance of the Institut. A group of patron companies finance a grant system that guarantees the diversity of our recruitment policy.

Academic and market research (including studies) play an essential role in the life of the Institut. The IFM brings out numerous publications in the social and human sciences applied to fashion and design, as well as professional aids for decoding the economic and structural mutations in the sector in terms of product strategy, consumer behavior and retail strategies.

This expertise in contact with industry that is largely reliant on the teaching staff of the Institut enables us to enrich the content of the classes offered to students and professionals in executive education. In addition, the IFM proposes an MBA Executive program that is compatible with a professional activity and functions on an international basis (New York, Hong Kong).

Finally, the resources of the IFM are available to a wide range of people: the public lecture series and the library appeal to a broader public.