Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) - XIANDA COLLEGE
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China / Shanghai
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Institution Description
Xianda College of Economics and Humanities Shanghai International Studies University , jointly established in 2004 by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and Shanghai Xianda Investment Co, Ltd., is one of the first full-time independent institutions of higher learning in Shanghai approved by Ministry of Education.

The College now has two campuses in both Hongkou and Chongming. The Hongkou campus is adjacent to Shanghai International Studies University. The Chongming campus, completed in October 2010, is located in Chenjia Town in the east of Chongming island, taking up an area of 33.3 hectares, and features Tuscan and Neoclassicism styles of architecture. Against a picturesque environment, the campus and nature complement the best in each other.

With the support of excellent faculty from Shanghai International Studies University, who are well learned with magnificent achievements in teaching and research, the College has matured into an institution of higher learning with foreign language studies taking the lead and other disciplines balancing the overall disciplinary structure. At present, the College has 20 undergraduate majors covering literature, law, economics, management and education, with an enrollment of 5,000-odd full-time undergraduates. 

Since its establishment, the College has utilized a strict and normative mode of school management as well as international governance and management systems. With its motto “aspiring after knowledge and expertise, seeking for efficiency and excellence”, the College is committed to providing student-centered education and nurturing the talents of students with applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic advancement. Based upon its unique features, the College strives for excellence with its philosophy of high quality, student-centered education. Rooted in Shanghai while reaching out to the whole country, the College endeavors to grow into a continuously improving university of excellence.