MBA in Luxury Goods & Fashion Industries - ModArt
Institution: Mod'Art International
Level of study: Graduate
Type of program: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
France / Paris
Other locations: Belgrade, Budapest, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Lima, Mumbai, Shanghai
Program Description
Program Courses
The choice of excellence 
To choose the excellence of the MBA in “Luxury Goods and Fashion Industries” programme is to give oneself the chance to integrate, at international level, an executive post in Fashion Management. Resulting from a partnership between Mod’Art International, Perpignan University and many companies from the Luxury and Fashion world the MBA specialised in “Luxury Goods and Fashion Industries” cultivates and develops even more each students basic knowledge.

A triple aim: 
To build up a global vision of the differ ent roles present in the heart of the Luxury and Fashion trade in order to create links and improve the understanding of the most significant problematic in each professional family for creation, production, marketing and administration / man agement. 
To prepare the participants for the techniques and methods of management in a complex industry which is undergoing massive changes in order to give them the means to integrate quickly the different worlds of the luxury industry and to bring an added value to the companies in that area. 
To develop a spirit of ‘entrepreneurship’. The MBA reinforces the desire to take on projects : the students show their capacity to undertake, to develop their entrepreneurial personality by acquiring the specific know-how (development plans, project management, coaching, human resources, real life experiences, …). 

Solid, sound assets: 
A unique programme as much for the contents (knowledge of Fashion and Luxury products, essential in the Bridging programme) as for the educational view-point and the integration it generates. 
An academic guarantee recognised by the universities authentication. 
The significance of an English taught programme guaranteeing bilingual candidates essential in the Luxury sector. 
The strength of the entrepreneurial approach, indissociable with the future executive role. 

The expertise and the vocation: 
The vocation of the MBA programme in Luxury Goods & Fashion Industries is to train future professionals who will take on their re¬sponsibilities as experts within the companies of the luxury and Fashion world, as well as in the ‘art of living’ sector. 
The desired excellence of this programme and the strong competition between the com¬panies to attract the best are the explications for the strong involvement of the firms in the every day implications and the evolution on a long term basis of this MBA. 
A scientific committee for the programme confirms these intentions. It is set up to validate and control the programme from the point of view of the projects and needs in training necessary within the companies in the sector. 

Program Description
The MBA in Luxury Goods and Fashion Industries taught either in English or in French is composed of 3 important modules. The MBA intends to train students to be future executive managers with important responsibilities who understand and manage the specific ‘savoir-faire’ of this world.

The programme is composed of a well thought out mix of courses on Intercultural team Management with also Marketing strategy and analysis in the Luxury & Fashion world. In order to organize and communicate in this sector it is also necessary to have a rich background in the history, sociological evolution and Culture surrounding this field.
Future executives need to understand all that makes up creating and running a business from small shop to department store. They need to be aware of legal issues and capable of understand the financial conditions. In all they must have a total command of the Luxury trade and be capable of taking on responsibilities at an executive level.

Taking into account the speed of the changes in the Fashion world and the evolution of the Brands it is essential that the students in the MBA class receive their courses from professionals with their own experience working for Luxury Brands. It is necessary to follow closely the changes and analyse the strategy of these brands to become just as
efficient for their own careers.

A huge part of the programme is devoted to the discovery of Luxury Fashion Brands, their history, their evolution and their strategy for the future. The other part is to be able to understand and apply the methods used in the management
of brands from their creation up to the consumer’s behavior. The written professional project is also a means to find one’s own career pathway, to specialize and to prepare a future amongst the many different options open to candidates
at the end of their course.
The World of Fashion and Luxury Brands:
Knowledge of History and Sociology of Fashion
Involves the strong visual effects used by Luxury brands both on the outside and in.
Discovering both Parisian, French and Global attitudes to Luxury brands.
Understanding the Brands Image and how it was created and how it lasts.

Economy and Management:
Learning the Luxury Marketing strategies
Analysing global management methods
Innovating by creating, financing and developing a business
Learning how to use international networks and developing company reputation management
Taking into account the legal conditions of the Industry including counterfeiting problems
Studying consumer behavior necessary for brand development
Using the internet & the future of the E-commerce in the Luxury world
Practicing how to put forward ideas and products through individual and team presentations.

Cultural Events and Professional Trade Fairs in Paris:
Visits to specific cultural events and professional fairs.
Actively dealing with Case studies for young designers and new directions for existing brands.
Final professional project on a subject chosen to enrich research on an area or an interest that would help students to specialize for their future and provide material to be used in future career proposals.

List of the courses:

The World of Fashion & Luxury Goods
MUMB1U11 Module 1
MUMB1HI1 History of Fashion
MUMB1SO1 Sociology of Fashion & Luxury Products
MUMB1U21 Module 2
MUMB1CO1 Consumers & Markets
MUMB1MO1 Globalisation of Fashion & Brands
MUMB1ST1 Structures & New Organisations
MUMB1MA1 Brands & their Image
MUMB1PR1 Strategic Future of Luxury / Fashion world
MUMB1U31 Module 3
MUMB1MC1 Management of Designers
MUMB1MK1 Marketing applied to Fashion & Luxury products
MUMB1GE1 Industrial management for manufacture
MUMB1DE1 International Network development
MUMB1SU1 Supply chain

Economy & Management
MUMB1U41 Module 4
MUMB1DI1 Strategy Diagnostics
MUMB1NE1 Negociation
MUMB1MS1 Marketing strategy
MUMB1CG1 Budget & Plan
MUMB1CC1 Consumer behaviour
MUMB1ME1 Team Management & Human Resources
MUMB1MI1 Management International
MUMB1U51 Module 5
MUMB1CR1 Creating a business & business development
MUMB1CI1 Communication & Image
MUMB1AM1 Art & Management
MUMB1EJ1 Law background
MUMB1DR1 Brand law & counterfeiting

Broadening the SPHERE of Activity
MUMB1U61 Module 6
MUMB1EL1 Company Visits, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs
MUMB1PG1 Group Case Study
MUMB1U71 Module 7
MUMB1RE1 Individual Professional project
MUMB1SG1 Internship from May for 6 months

University of Perpignan Diploma
Dual degree / Diploma:
Joint degree:
Study abroad:
Possible during internship - 4-6 months
Pathway Option:
Transfer-In Maximum:
Total Program Duration:
15 months
Study Duration:
September - Mid-April
Coop Duration:
Practicum Duration:
Type of delivery:
Ratio Stud-Inst:
Class sizes:
Number of students:
International students:
Number of countries:
Alumni / Testimonial
Meeting with Valentina Di Pietri, Founder of Cashmere brand in Italy Mod’Art : Valentina, why did you decide to continue studying and get a Master degree? V. Di Pietri : Making the decision to study a Master degree was not easy! Indeed, after working for a few years, I was feeling psychologically and financially independent. The challenge for me was to leave Milan, learn a new language and adapt to a different culture. I was 25 and had worked for 3 years in the fashion industry in Italy but was quite disappointed by the professional opportunities I was offered after Public Relation studies. With my Master degree, I now feel better prepared to reach my goals. Mod’Art : You have grown up in a well known family in the fashion world. How did your education complete your professional experience? V. Di Pietri : Indeed, my family created the Di Pietri brand in the 50?s in Modene, well known region for its high quality knitwear. I was very lucky to grow up surrounded by the atmosphere of a fashion company, the rythm of seasons and collections, from the choice of fabrics to the negociations with retailers. Through the time I spent at Mod’Art, I designed a new concept: a cashmere brand that goes beyond the rigid scheme of classical and elegant luxury. After a deeper marketing analysis, I created a second collection which was much more feminine and with more personality. We now have our flagship store in Cortina, an excellent retailer in Hong Kong and soon, a showroom in Paris. Mod’Art : How is this transition year going for you, between end of studies and the beginning of professional life? V. Di Pietri : Unfortunately, the crisis affects everybody and particularly young designers. During one year, I developed my brand and also worked as a freelance consultant. I knew perfectly well that launching a new collection meant to devote a lot of time and money to it. With the current situation, the activity of my brand has slowed down so I found a job as a sales manager for the brand FREE. It allows me to travel a lot for work, which is quite fulfilling. Meanwhile, I keep on developing the activity of my brand slowly but surely. This Master degree has helped me to open my mind, feel more confident to cope with new challenges, define more precisely my aims and reach them.
Valentina di Pietri (Italy)
Unique Features
Famous Alumni
The MBA taught in English is also taught in French.

Information about the MBA taught in French here: 
Amélie Pichard
Application fee:
600 EUR €100 for EU students
Tuition fees:
11300 EUR 9900 for EU students
Material fees:
Other fees:
Housing application:
Housing fees:
350 Depending on type of accommodation
Financial Aid:
Contact information:
Open admission
Application Deadline:
June 30, 2013
Admission Requirements:
The entry conditions are selective : • A Higher Education Diploma (equivalent to Bac +4) • A professional experience of at least 1 year (work experience included) • Fluent English,TOEFL iBT (76-80) or IELTS (6.5) • Enrolment papers with C.V., motivated letter and copies of diplomas • Two letters from referees
Language requirements:
Fluent English : TOEFL 76-80 or IELTS 6.5 (French language appreciated)