Co-ed Boarding School - Shawnigan Lake
Institution: Shawnigan Lake School
Level of study: Co-ed Boarding School
Type of program: Boarding Preparatory Program
Canada / Victoria
Other locations: Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia
Program Description
Program Courses
Shawnigan's Residential Life Program is rooted in the belief that a boarding school can teach students through the experience of living together in an educational setting. Learning should never be limited to the classroom, and the opportunities for the development of character can occur at any point in a day. Shawnigan tries to present opportunities that can best summed up in the words of a recent Shawnigan graduate:
“It’s that sense when you meet a Shawnigan grad: they look you in the eye, their shoulders are back, they stand tall. They smile – that sense of happiness that comes from confidence.”

The four main goals of Shawnigan's Residential Program focus on helping students: 
  • Manage their time and studies independently
  • Live respectfully and responsibly with others in their community
  • Develop individual strength of character
  • Function confidently and successfully in the less controlled college environment and later life
The Residential Life program offers all students a safe, supportive, values-based community. Shawnigan is a boarding school with a boarding culture. Over 90% of our students live on campus, giving Shawnigan staff the opportunity and time to continue to develop and educate even after the academic day is finished. That focused and dedicated time makes an enormous difference.

The academic year at Shawnigan is divided into three terms. Within each of those terms are two or three assessment periods in which quizzes, tests, class work, “prep” assignments, presentations, essays and project work form the core of evaluation. At the end of each assessment period, the academic faculty meets as a group to discuss the progress of every individual student. Report cards are issued at the end of each term, and school-wide examination sessions occur in December, March and at the end of June.

In addition to an achievement grade, students are assigned effort grades in each of the core areas of their school program. Of particular importance is effort demonstrated in the classroom. Instructors look for engagement, leadership and growth in each student and the effort grade is a measure of these qualities. Effort grades signal a student’s commitment to his or her academic success.
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Advanced Placement (AP)
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Class sizes:
Number of students:
450 (400 boarding)
International students:
20 percent
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Alumni / Testimonial
Unique Features
Famous Alumni
  • 100% of graduates accepted into university
  • Over 85% of graduates accepted to their first choice of university
  • 15 Advanced Placement courses offered 
  • 15 different sports with international level coaches
  • Nationally acclaimed Rowing and Rugby programs 
  • Home to Rugby and Rowing Canada Training programs

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