Russian Language & Yakutian Diamonds - NEFU
Level of study: Short Session
Type of program: Study Tour
Russia / Yakutsk
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This very unique program combines the studying of Russian language with learning about diamonds and precious stones coming from the remote area of Yakutia.  Producing over 25% of world diamonds, Yakutia, which is also called the Sakha Republic, is one of the world-centres of diamond exploration and quickly becomes also a centre of research and processing of diamonds.  
This two-week study program focuses on learning Russian with special focus on vocabulary related to diamonds and precious stones.  In the first week, students learn Russian language, Yakutian geography and culture as well as visit places related to diamond and gems exploration and processing.  In the second week, participants take part in Diamond Week, an important event in the diamond industry which brings professional and buyers from diamond industry and where auction sale takes place.  The program gives the opportunity to participants to learn more about the provenance of the diamonds as well as ability to participate in unique event such as the Diamond Week.
This course will not only suit students learning more about diamonds and wanting to learn Russian language but also it is designed for people in the jewellery and diamond industry who would like to learn more about Yakutian diamonds and their place of origin.  For wholesalers and retailers it is an opportunity to get exposure to the Yakutian and Russian diamond industry and meet with counterparts from that region.  The course will give the participants the opportunity to learn more about Russian clients purchasing behaviour when considering to buy diamond or other precious gems.

There is also possibility to extend the time learning Russian and/or add to the course Mammoth excavation expedition. 
Students may also choose to combine this course with other courses of Russian language and culture in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Sochi.   

Russian Language & Yakutian Diamonds Certificate
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2 weeks with possible extensions
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2 weeks
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Max 15
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  • The making of own diamond ring or pendant
  • Learning about Yakutian diamond and unique gemstones of Yakutia
  • Diamond Week participation
  • Learning diamond vocabulary in Russian
  • Permafrost experience 

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Late August
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Rolling admission - limited spaces
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English Language Proficiency
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English Language Proficiency