Master in Luxury Business - POLIMODA
Institution: POLIMODA
Level of study: Graduate
Type of program: Master
Italy / Florence
Other locations: none
Program Description
Program Courses
Luxury Business features 7 in-depth and intensive modules: Craftsmanship, Design, Quality, Price, Prestige, Lifestyle, Brand. Each module includes a training project, plus a final project based on Uniqueness, where students implement their own business formula to a new start-up or to an existing company.

This master’s course includes many field trips, including one week in Paris accompanied by Linda Loppa, and internship opportunities. Classes focus on hands-on materials and are run by teachers and guests from the industry, who then act as one-to-one consultants during the final projects, which are presented in front of headhunters, investors and human resource managers.

Lessons take place from April to December and amount to a total of 700 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates with work experience or relevant studies in fashion and related fields will be selected after a enrolment questionnaire and an interview with the course’s leading teacher.
Insights and understanding of the key factors that make up the industry, mixing heritage, innovation and paradoxical management.

New buying and merchandising formulas in retail and wholesale environments that can make the difference in the perception of the client.

The product formula that creates the legacy of a label, how to make it viable, financially sustainable and available whilst maintaining the original magic.

Understanding the life of luxury at different aspirational levels, from the most personal and private services to the total category extension.

The start-up line in a traditional horizontal and in a contemporary vertical supply chain, how to create intrinsic quality with no compromises.

The long term value beyond the everyday business, how to shape the identity of a luxury brand, launch it and manage it for growing its equity.

Distribution, logistics, sales and customer relationship management in b2b and b2c, how to make a three years business plan for maximising profits.
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9 months
Master’s course provides an internship at the end of the studies.
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Create an original and authentic business formula for a start-up or an existing company, a personal project by the student with one-to-one tutorship.

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26000 EUR
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EU: one month and a half before the course’s start date NON-EU: two months before the course’s start date
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To enrol in a Master’s course, a student must have an undergraduate degree or proven work experience of at least two years in a relevant field and schedule an interview with the course’s leading teacher.
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