Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where can I study ?

You can select any country you desire provided we can find an institution that is offering a program that you would like to study.

Do you assist with getting a scholarship ?

If you consider our Platinum package we will help you to apply for a scholarship.   

How will you help me to select best place to study?

Based on your interest, passion, and abilities we would suggest to you different study paths.  If you have decided on location/country of your study, we would be able to suggest some educational institutions you may consider.  We can only suggest and recommend but decision is up to you.

Do you provide visa assistance ?

Our extended team consists of certified immigration consultants who can assist you in the process of applying for a study permit or visa. 

What is "Visit and Decide" ?

We believe that it is important to see your top choices of institutions where you would like to study before you make final decision.  You can visit the campus, city, meet with instructors, attend a lecture, evaluate accommodation options and check the security arrangements.  Certainly, there are situation that this is not possible because of different reasons but if you decide to go abroad for a year or more, you and your family may want to make sure that this is the right place. We created a platform where you can decide what type of familiarization visit you prefer.  Although our groups are small,  you may also select a private, customized visit which we carefully plan and organize.

Do you have a list of educational institutions you work with ?

No.  We have a different approach from other educational consultants. Our clients can make their own choices regarding institutions where they would like to study and our mission is to assist them in applying to the selected institutions. Although, we cannot guarantee acceptance, we will do our best or explore alternative options to choose from.