Services for Parents

We work closely with students and their parents to ensure that the student’s ultimate educational goals are met. Our educational experts understand that making a decision about child’s education is every parent’s priority. This is why, we work with both students and their parents to make sure that the students are provided with the best options to further their education. 

Guardianship/Custodianship For minor students, we liaise with our partner schools to provide guardianship/custodianship assistance so parents can rest assured that their children’s safety and security is maintained at all times. 

Familiarization and Orientation Services
Before we confirm a student’s enrollment in a program, we encourage parents to visit their top choice schools or at least sign up for a virtual/online tour and orientation session.  We will help make all arrangements as per our educational plan packages. 

Contact us to discuss various options of studies and to find out how we can assist you.