Services for Students

At Educouturier, we tailor study programs and destinations to students’ wishes and desires. Our focus is to ensure that our clients can follow their dreams and find the right program of study. Our educational concierge team will assist and provide advice on study programs and destinations that fit each student’s individual needs. 

Customized study options
Whether you are an avid golfer, skier or surfer, we will find a special program that will provide the right balance of academics and extracurricular activities. Nowadays students are no longer required to sit in a classroom in order to learn. You can learn anytime, anywhere. Our job is to listen to your needs and customized a program of study to focus on your interests. 

Semester Abroad Plus
Finding the right location for study abroad is not always easy. Additionally, many exchange programs at educational institutions have certain limitations. We will utilize our expertise to help you work around those limitations to find what is best for you. Semester Abroad Plus is a concept where we try to tie an activity of your preference to a study program that will be recognized at your home educational institution. 

Language Plus
Want to improve your Portuguese language skills while enjoying the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro? How about taking a short course of Spanish while skiing in Bariloche, Argentina? Language immersion programs will help you progress rapidly and enhance your learning experience through social and cultural activities. Contact us to design your educational experience. 

Contact us to discuss various options of studies and to find out how we can assist you.